Peace, tranquillity, beauty, style and nature in the heart of the Poitou Charente

The picturesque twelfth-century village of Augé lies in the heart of the département of Deux-Sèvres which is located within the region of Poitou-Charentes. The département gets its name from its two rivers, the Sèvre Niortaise and the Sèvre Nantaise. Augé has around 800 residents within an area that has a population density of barely 33 people for every square kilometre. When you consider the fact that the population density in our region is approximately 1000 people for every square kilometre, you can appreciate that the pace of life in this small village is very different. And yet there is still plenty to see and do.


Varied countryside

The region is influenced by a microclimate with an average temperature of 25°C. Deux-Sèvres is a département with many sights such as le Pays du Bocage (hills and woodland), le Pays de Gâtine (valleys and meadows), le Pays Thoursais (beautiful countryside), le Haut Val-de-Sèvre (forest, rocks, castles), le Niortais and le Marais Poitevin (with its “green Venice”), Le Pays Mellois (rivers and castles). The Réserve naturelle de Moëze is a stopping off point for thousands of migratory birds.


Looking for culture?

Augé has a Romanesque, fortified church which dates back to the eleventh and twelfth centuries. The nave was never vaulted and the chancel was remodelled in the gothic period. The church tower has also retained its original Romanesque design. St-Maixent-l´Ecole is only 8 km away, a city that is steeped in military history and home to several museums and a cathedral. Cherveux castle (also only 8 km away) was built around 1470 by the Scotsman, Robert de Cunningam IV, and has offered refuge to a number of illustrious figures throughout its long history. The guided tour creates a certain affinity and is definitely worth a visit.


Poitiers is located 61 km from Manoir Le Monteuil with its old city centre, numerous churches and other places of interest, a university and a small airport. The Futuroscope theme park is not far from Poitiers and is an ideal destination for the whole family.


The list of castles in the area is almost endless and too long to include here. However, you can find an overview by googling Les châteaux du web and clicking on Poitou-Charentes. The region definitely offers something for everyone.


Perfect for the whole family!

The Zoo de la Palmyre is located 94 km from Augé and is one of the most beautiful zoos in France. The Futuroscope theme park is a 71 km drive from Augé in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou and Jaunay-Clan and is based around multimedia, cinematography and futuristic audiovisual technologies. Futuroscope opened in 1987 and receives around one and a half million visitors a year.

The seaport of La Rochelle (94 km from Augé) offers the ideal opportunity to soak up a bit of colonial history. La Rochelle also has an aquarium that is open every day of the year, and with its two hour tour through the world’s oceans is an absolute must for families.


For those who are not afraid of getting their feet wet, you can hire a pedalo 10 km away in Plan d´eau at Verruyes and explore all corners of the 7 ha area of water. It’s great fun! Ile de Ré lies 116 km away. This is an island that is perfectly suited to children, offering perfect synergy between nature, water and leisure facilities. It is definitely worth crossing on foot, by bike or even on the back of a donkey! You can also take a virtual tour of the island via its website.
The local markets also offer a typical French atmosphere.


It is also a lot of fun to cross the bridge to Oléron by car, drive to St-Denis from where you can take a bike ride across the island. This brings us nicely to our next section…


Sports fanatics

For the sports fanatics among you, there is a karting circuit around 15 km away and a golf course only 10 minutes away. There are also numerous lakes in the area where you can fish to your heart’s content. There is a tennis court within five minutes walking distance from Manoir Le Monteuil. Horse lovers will have great fun in Cherveux whilst walkers and hikers will enjoy several beautiful forest walks that are marked out in the Puits d´Enfer in St-Maixent-L´Ecole. The entire region has much to offer mountain bikers, recreational cyclists as well as more serious cyclists.


The inner man

If you head further south, you end up in the hilly Cognac region. The village that bears the same name has numerous old streets full of beautiful town houses and is definitely worth a visit. The renowned cellars within this region of Martel, Hennesy and Otard are an absolute must for connoisseurs looking to refresh the inner man. Upstream along the river Charente lies Jarnac, home to the house of Courvoisier where you can find out for yourself how cognac is produced. For those who enjoy cycling, the Route de Cognac is a real must!


Wonderful oysters are bred in the Marennes-Oléron area, which is definitely worth visiting.